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Showing posts from December 6, 2018

Christmas Email Special..

Christmas Email Reading Special.

It’s back due to popular demand.
Email Readings are normally $50 USD. for 3 Questions.
But for this Xmas Special only.
You can ask 6 Questions, instead of 3.
You can mix and match with family/friends.
If you like or keep them all for yourself.
If you do mix and match.
I will need a recent clear pic for each person.

Payment in advance ONLY.
They walk you through the process.
You don’t have to be a member etc.
Send $50 USD to
Via the Paypal service.
Send your email reading 6 questions,  along with the pic/s to
This offer will close 11.59pm PT Dc 24th 2018.

Told YA.. cometh before THE FALL.... May 03, 2018 I do hope that FB boss Mark Zuckerberg...
Doesn't believe or feel that the recent woes are done.
Because there not...
In fact if he doesn't "CHANGE"...
This will be the beginning of the end of FB...

One, The other... BOTH....

Just a reprieve ....

I hope that the man pig that is HRH Prince Andrew. Isn't under the delusion that the recent plea deal. By his Buddy billionaire Jeffrey Epstein... In regard to his sex abuse issues. That it's all finished. Oh no...... 2019 brings us not just allegations. But videos.......