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TOLD YA, Another step closer to clinky ..
Monday, November 17, 2014Only the first layer off the onion
I do hope that Bill Cosby and his team,  don't believe that all this trouble,  is going to go away. WRONG. There's alot more to come and this time,  it will bring him down. May take a while. But he's on the edge of the abyss....

TOLD YA, 3 not 1 ..
Friday, May 6, 2016
Oh the FIBS ..

So Janet Jackson and her soon to be divorced,
Hubby Wissam Al Mana. Are claiming that they are pregnant,  with her  1st child. (HA HA). Odd this really when she was planning,  a World Tour. Then oops, she's pregnant. Yeah right. BAD TICKET SALES ARE THE REAL REASON. I wonder how they are going to explain the  appearance of the "BABY"

A gentle reminder

Sunday, May 22, 2016You asked..I obey ha ha...
MemorialDayWeekend Email Reading Special.
So here’s how it’ll work. (Hopefully). Email Readings are normally,
 $50 USD for 3 Questions. But for this Special only. You can ask 6 Questions, instead of the normal 3. You can mix and match with family/friends. If you like or keep them all for yourself. If you do mix and match. A recent clear pic for each person is required.
You may send for this special anytime. But no readings will be answered till after. Tuesday May 31st. The readings will be done in strict order they are received.
Payment in advance ONLY. Via They walk you through the process. You don’t have to be a member etc. Send $50 USD to Via the Paypal service. Send your email reading 6 questions, along with the pic/s to
This offer will close 11.59pm PT  Monday 30th 2016.
Any email reading requests received after that will have only the first 3 questions answered. NO readings will be sent …

Worried about Trump? Well then there's these two +1

Five years after Doug Hutchinson 55,  robbed the cradle and married  Courtney Stodden 21. They are "Expecting" so they renewed their vows. How sweet. Well I am not buying it. Clearly a PR stunt.  To get them back on the front pages. Well it did even if it's in the UK. I get the feeling once the baby is born. She'll either sell it. Or she'll be the one needing a Nanny.