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Showing posts from December 18, 2016

Here we go again..

Just as we approach the New Year. another "Nutter" is claiming to have decoded,  the secret in the Bible. That the World will end on... September 23rd 2017. NO IT WILL NOT.....

Told Ya, Well almost........ countdown ..., January 30, 2016For God's Sake .....
So Rob Kardashian has confirmed,
that he is dating Blac Chyna.
(Whoever she is).
She is clearly a money grabbing fame whore.
Not that Rob and his family are any less.
In a way the all deserve each other.
But, I get the feeling that she, 
will be the push over the cliff.
That he won't be able to climb back from.
(His mother must be spitting blood.....)

Not bright at the moment........

So Tesla Boss and all round bright Guy. Elon Musk Has been appointed to lead "BabyFarts" Business Leaders Forum. Whatever the fuck that is Well I hope Musk has second thoughts. Or his his companies go down the drain. Which would indeed be bad news......