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NEW Email Reading Options...

Many have asked for more choices,  so here they are.

Readings via Email.
One Question     $20 USD Three Questions $50 USD Six Questions      $80 USD
Simply send your questions, along with a photo of the person,  requiring the reading. To Send the correct payment to Paypal to ( explains how to send payment). Readings done within 48hrs (excluding Sunday)

TOLD YA, Better than NONE ..., February 22, 2013Another case of OJ justice..... Oscar "Bladerunner" Pistorius, is as guilty as sin in murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. But I get he feeling that he'll get away with it. Just like OJ did. But Oscar should also be aware,  that Karma has a long reach and memory. After all she got OJ in clinky in the end.


NY's looking good ...

So it looks like,  Wayne "Overpaid Footballer" Rooney. Is bringing the wife & kids to live in LA. Just like the Beckhams did. I hope they don't think,  that they are going to settle and fit in. As they say in Yorkshire,  although he's not from there. "You can take the kid out of the council house (Projects). But you can't take the council house (projects). Out of the kid". There's not enough suncream 100+ in LA,  to stop them from frying alive ha ha.