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TOLD YA.. Girrrrll Friendddd
CNN in their "WISDOM" December 14, 2017
For years the best thing on TV. Has beenAnderson Cooper, being tormented to death. By Kathy Griffen...... A ratings sensation.... However due to Kathy, being more or less black balled. Due to her expressing, her free speech rights. She was .......
"FIRED"  from the said event with Anderson. But CNN not wanting to lose money, lots of money. Have replaced her, with Andy "Mr Bravo" Cohen. Well, it's gong to be a flop.... Shame they don't have a sense of humour. Never mind Kathy you sit back and have a rest. After what they will try to pass off as entertianment. They CNN, will be back,  with a large check in 365 days..

BF First Meme of the Year....


Join us as we welcome special guest Psychic Christian Dion to Haunted Voices Radio. Christian will not only provide his predictions for 2018, but also take your call-in, or chat questions about YOUR New Year ahead!

Listen and Chat LIVE Tuesday 1-2-18 at 9e/8c/6p JAN2
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