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Oh No, less than 8 hours ... Missed It?? Link above Getting closer he he .. WARNING TOMORROW, UK TALKRADIO.. LISTENING DETAILS HERE.  WARNING.WARNING.WARNING.  I will be  LIVE  with . Howard Hughes on, The UnExplained. Talkradio Uk. Check the link above. This Sunday July 17th  10pm to 1am UK time. (2pm to 5pm LA time/ 5pm to 8pm NY time) I will be on the last hour,  4pm to 5pm Predictions & readings.

Not over by a long shot ..

I do hope and pray, the people don't fall into the trap of thinking the drama in Turkey is over. This monster is going to reign terror down on those txt set this off, as well as the others they "Catch". It's going to get really BAD......