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TOLD YA, He's at it again..

Tuesday, November 24, 2015PRICK ...
So as Donald "Babyfart" Trump. Continues to lead the GOP moron competition. He's now really showing his "Racist" tendencies. Who Knew ?? Well, as he continues this awful behavior. There are people loading their guns. He better be able to duck.

TOLD YA Another one bites the DUST.., January 17, 2016More steam to come ..
So as Donald "Babyfart" Tump.
Continues his journey to the GOP nomination.
He attacks Ted Cruz.
Re birther issue.
He even files suit, he he.
Well, just wait he's about to go for Marco Rubio, big time.
Marco won't survive this one, two punch.

Not so Super.....

Actor Henry Cavill,  seems to be believing his own publicity. Oh well, if he carries on down this path. There's a mighty fall in front of him. This time there won't be a detour. IDIOT.