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TOLD YA! Conor McGregor "WIFE BEATER" and.....THUG... (almost) beater..... September 12, 2018 Conor McGregor
"Boxer"...... Better go to church and say his prayers, PRONTO. WHY?... Well, as we know he likes to beat people up... Including his "girlfriend"....


ARTICLE REVIEW.. COVID-19.. Dumbasses..... police officers found 20 Miami University students at a house party on Saturday afternoon.When they scanned the ID of a resident of the house, it revealed he had been diagnosed with corona virus the week before.The student appeared to believe he was quarantining by staying at his own home despite there being 20 people at the party.
Six students were cited and received a $500 fine.NOT ENOUGH
The university has experienced a troubling spike since students began to return NO KIDDING !!!!!
You really can't make this stuff up.These Educated Morons are our FUTURE LEADERS....Oh Right, they are just like the current leaders.Oh I get it...INBREEDING...Imagine Marking their Homework..

HO HO Boris Johnson...

I do hope Boris Johnson isn't expecting to put up the Christmas tree at 10 Downing St this year !.He's heading to be hiring Pickfords instead...  He really is a moron.