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Showing posts from November 7, 2017

BF Voting Day meme

Now remember a year ago............. This shit and his crooked dickheads. WON............. But, today...... By voting we can begin to put an end to this SHIT.....

TOLD YA, Crooked Kushner & his Russian "Friend" that Glitters, is not GOLD ......February 10, 2017
So "Babyfart" is all at 6s & 7s. Seems he's not too pleased. That his daughter Ivankas fashion line. Is being dropped left, right & centre. Oh dear. What a to do. Well, that's what happens, when the truth is out. Can't wait for the other shoe/s to drop.

BF Meme fo the Day

Time for the NRA & it's supporters to go to HELL.....

Indeed, Indeed....

Naughty Naughty Lillibet

Well, well QE2 has been exposed in the Paradise Papers. That "SHE" invested £10million of her cash,  into an offshore fund.  Now, although it may be "LEGAL" . It's a PR nightmare. Considering how bad things are for most her subjects. It really does expand the belief of "Them and US". This isn't going to go away lightly.
In fact, it's going to get very nasty