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Showing posts from November 4, 2013

Bit of a rant

Why is it that some many people including leading politicians.
In America.
Don't want everyone to have affordable healthcare.
When they themselves have coverage.
I really think it is disgusting that.
So many people have to wait till they are so ill.
They have to go to the ER.
When if they had coverage they could afford.
They would not have to get so ill.
Plus the ER wouldn't have to deal with people who are sicker than they need to be.

Add to that the fact that we allow children in this country.
The World's wealthiest country.
At the same time we watch children starve to death each and everyday in the rest of the World.

If the Aliens are watching they must be truly disgusted.

TOLD YA .Miley drunk......
Wednesday October 30th 2013
Touble ahead indeed....... Well, well it seems that Lindsay Lohan & her "new" protege, Miley Cyrus. Were partying it up together in New York,  over the weekend at 10AK night club. This is clearly not a good idea. I see nothing but trouble from this. By Xmas....