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Told Ya JLO out........, September 14, 2011
Miss Quick.............. So JLo aka Jennifer Lopez. Certainly doesn't let the grass grow beneath her feet. Out already on a date with Bradley Cooper. More fool him, if he get's involved with her. However I get the feeling that there will be many more, suitors for Jenny from the Block. Which she personally has been around more than a few times. I get the feeling she'll leave AI in 2012. Posted by Christian Dion at

Told Ya .DISGUSTING....Lord Coe......

The Seer’s Predictions for 2012
(Completed 21 st Dec 2011) 1.   2012 OLYMPICS. Although the opening and closing shows will be fabulous.The rest of the Olympics will be a mess. Due to bad organizing, mainly due to bad leadership.It will prove to be a financial disaster.Not to mention the trouble that will surround the games itself.

Told Ya Tyler out............

Monday, April 11, 2011 Cry baby............. Steven Tyler rock star  & judge of  American Idol..... Is a little upset at the  attention he is getting from the paparazzi........ So give up the job  and the millions back you are earning from AI. Then they won't pay you the attention. If this upsets him,  wait till he finds out how much JLo will get for the next season... He'll be gone in 2012/13 

Joined up writing?

Cheryl Cole is to release her  memoirs at Christmas. Should be interesting. No doubt the will be published on the back of a second class stamp. Please don't waste your money. One assumes that she has talk to text on her Ipad. FLOP, FLOP, FLOP..........