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Showing posts from May 19, 2017

TOLD YA Just when you thought it couldn't get any more bloody
BLOOD BATH May 15, 2017 I hope that they have stocked up on Clorox,  at the Whitehouse. They are going to need it this week.

All is not well in Coleville

Once very close friends.. Harry & Liam, not so much now. Due to the "witch" mother of Liams? baby. She wanted Harry for her "handbag" first. He refused.......... Prefers to carry them not date them. So now she's pressuring the boy. To dump Harry. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

TOLD YA She's going to be pissed
Simon Says .. April 04, 2016
So Simon Cowell says. That Cheryl Cole & Liam Payne. Are madly in love. Yeah right. With the same shoes & handbags....

TOLD YA GUILTY, June 8, 2011
Government Warning " Sexting will Kill your career "Ginger Lee porn tart.... (She claims ex porn) Is one of the  "Ladies"  Congressman Anthony Weiner was  "SEXTING"  friends with. Seems he told her to lie about their  "Relationship" He even offered her help from his PR team. Bet their pleased..... This is only going to get better...... As I said Monday. He'll be gone by months end. If this keeps up, SOONER........... Then wait till the book comes out ha ha..... 
Oh and then there's the under age ones....

Babyfarts "BUNS"

In the Olden Days.  When one went to the Whitehouse.  You were served "Buns"...   Made in the Whitehouse mess.  Now in "Trumpton" you get "Buns"... Made from a packet mix.  The place has gone to HELL.

TOLD YA Day #5 Babyfarts latest pick

Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee. Has been elevated (well maybe). To be an assistant Sec Homeland Security. The loonies are in charge of the asylum. Mind you I feel he''ll be fired  almost before he starts.