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BF Meme of the Hump Day

TOLD YA Potty mouth BITCH
Fall coming......
August 20, 2014

Mother of the Year.
Dina Lohan seems to have fallen off the wagon, again......
She who said after her close call last year, 
no more drink for her.
Well this time they will lock her up.

For those that asked.....

Many have emailed and asked.. If I feel that the horror of Las Vegas. Will change the stupid gun laws in America. NO IT WON'T............. In fact it will get worse. Why????????????????? Well, of course the copycat, nutters. But those that think that their right to carry a gun. Out strips peoples right of all to live safely. Until a leader of this country, has big enough BALLS. To stand up to the Nutters that are the NRA. NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE...