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Told Ya Rosie married....., August 12, 2010 To Talk alot....... The Goddess of TV, Oprah. Has given Rosie O'Donnell her own talk show.
( Wedding Bells in 2012 ) On the new Oprah channel, to be launched 2012. What a stroke of genius. Not only will it be a massive hit amongst fans.
They will cancel it too. It will bring back interesting to television. Well done Oprah. Posted by Christian Dion at

Going home soon?

Last night I had a dream that I was back in Lancashire, England. Where I was buying fish for the Pope. Odd........

I feel sorry for the Russians.....

What ever you do don't go to Russia in September. Why? Well Supertart/slut Paris Hilton will be topless on the cover of Russian GQ. Did she think that we wouldn't find out? This bitch will do anything for money and I mean anything.