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Told ya........

Monday, March 22, 2010
Walmart calling If Michelle McGee
aka Jesse James’s mistress.
Thinks she will benefit,
from all the attention and  that it will help her career.
Duh,  Michelle you don’t have a career.
Although I hear Walmart
is looking for shelf stockers,
on the night shift.
Well she'll be able to put the "tell all" book
Jesse James will write on the shelves,
as she tries to read it.

Come fly with me..............

Here's a pic of DWTS  Derek Hough. Leaving from  Heathrow, London. Only five days after he arrived to surprise...... his " Girlfriend " Cheryl Cole. Looks to me like the surprise  didn't go too well. Derek stick to  tripping the light fantastic...... and  not surprising girlfriends.........