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Easter SpecialEmailReadings From Sunday March 25th to Sunday 1st April 2018. (Offer ends 11.59pm PT Time 4/1/2018) Regular Prices                  Easter Special Prices

1   Questions $20 USD              1 Questions $10 USD 3   Questions $50 USD              3 Questions $25 USD 6   Questions $80 USD              6 Questions $40 USD 8   Questions $100 USD            8 Questions $50 USD 10 Questions $120 USD         10  Questions $60 USD (recent picture required)   Send pic & questions to
Payable in advance by Paypal. Send payment to At  They walk you through the process. Readings take approx 3/4 days (Sunday Day OFF)

Popcorn and Chocolates at the Ready for tonight...

After today in Washington DC

Let's make this a Global HIT  "We could be FREE" A Global Star in the making. Mr Vic Mensa. Let's make this a Global HIT!!!!!!!!!