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TOLD YA Addict and DRUG DEALER........ Monday, July 16, 2012 Wake up call needed...... Tulisa Contastavios  rapper/popstar/UK Xfactor judge. Needs to check herself into rehab pronto. Otherwise she'll be going the way of most addicts. The grave yard..............  ps She'll be off XFactor next year.....
Posted by at Monday, July 16, 2012

New Queen of the airwaves......

Queen Latifah. Is starting her own talkshow. On September 16th 2013 for CBS. I sense that she is going to be the next Oprah,  but even bigger.

TOLD YA Cameron more scandals to come ha ha...... Christian Dion  The Seer’s  2013 Predictions (Completed Dec 19th 2012) 56                  PM Cameron will show his true colours in 2013 they are even duller and darker than you can believe. His Ivory Tower beliefs are going to get him into alkinds of trouble in 2013, but he won't listen. So he deserves all he gets.

TOLD YA MATT SMITH no longer DR Who  The Futurist’s
Predictions for 2012
(Completed 21st Dec 2011) 36.MATT SMITH Who currently plays Dr WHO #11, will stay in the role for 2012 and a little of 2013.But in 2012 he will embark on a film project that will give him his wish of breaking into the big time in Hollywood. He’ll do very well too.