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TOLD YA, Let's hope she heeds the warning
Tuesday, November 1, 2016
L.O.L Do they really think we are buying this..

Well, it looks like HRH Prince Harry's PR Team, has joined the ranks of Conjurors. His PR team is kind of claiming that he's dating. One Canadian Actress, Megan Markle. Apparently they have known,  each other about 6 months. Well, for starters, if the PR team,  had done their research.... They would find that actresses,  don't marry High ranking Royals. Remember Koo Stark,  the American actress/photographer,  thought she'd marry HRH Prince Andrew. Despite the fact, that his Great Granny,  the Late HRH Queen Mother really liked Koo. So this wannabe is way off base. Besides she's a foreigner so that's the death nail.

TOLD YA, Getting closer

4 days off ???........

Saturday, October 1, 2016
A Miracle ...
If Donald " Babyfart " Trump. Survives October. It'll be a BloodyMiracle. Going to be SPOOKY......

Ding, Ding, Pussy's in the well, why not !!!

Oh Dear , Oh Dear, KK & Moron KW. Are at at big crossroads. She, really wants to get rid of him. As he's becoming, truly crazy, not just pretend so. Well, he knows...  What she and the "Gang" are planning...... So she'd better watch out. He's able to cause great upset, which he will. I wonder what his "Friend" Ricardo, thinks of all this?????????
Probably, telling him "TOLD YA" ha ha. I see a plane ticket to Paris....... Oh this is going to be such fun. Makes Trump look like a gentleman.