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BF Meme of the Day


TOLD YA Ryan pisses off Kelly
Last nail in the coffin... August 22, 2017 Dear God, Kim Kardashian.....
Is to replace Ryan Seacrest on Live, with Kelly Ripa.
While he, deserts ship to re Host American Idol.
(Which will flop too)
As tough poor Kelly needed anymore let downs.
She has to deal with this stupid idea.
After  the first day, ratings high.
The show will sink to the lowest ratings ver.
This will well and truely piss off Kelly.
In turn getting rid of No Talent & Mr "I am showbiz".

TOLD YA Long ago. THEY/SHE KNEW ALL THE TIME...., December 8, 2014
2015 Predictions 2015 Predictions  Composed between  Nov 14th  noon & Dec 1st 7pm 2014 In Hermosa Beach Ca, USA.
152     UK sex scandal/Parliamentary sex ring.     Oh my god this is going to be front and centre for most of the year.      Once the real situation is revealed, which it will.     By a tabloid of course.     It will rock the government to it's foundation.   Just wait till it's revealed what Maggie Thatcher knew and did,     or didn't do. Just wait till the truth about Edward Heath is revealed.    SHOCKING......

The Jury is ..........

Lionel Richie Katy Perry Luke Bryan.            The "NEW" judges...........           For the ill fated American Idol reboot.        (We've known it'll flop for ages).           It's amazing the TV bosses,         would spend all this dosh on a flop.

Another San Juan TOLD YA

BF Meme of the day.. TOLD YA
October 03, 2017
Let's see just how much of a "COCK UP' His visit will be... My bet A BIG ONE