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TOLD YA Kardashians true colours.....  The Futurist’s
Predictions for 2012
(Completed 21 st Dec 2011)
38. KARDASHIANS Dear God I hate to say this but this crowd of completely talent less moral degenerates will be on our TV screens even more in 2012. That’s the bad news.The good news is, that they will show their true, true colours in 2012. By the end of 2012 they will fade away. Not quick enough in my book, but at least the end is in sight.

Told Ya Banks still not listening........

The Futurist’s
Predictions for 2012
(Completed 21 st Dec 2011) 19. 2012 ECONOMY PLUS Not good, those in the City and on Wall St, better star to take note of the publics mood or they are going to find themselves in line at the soup kitchens just like their ancestors did after the 1929 crash. They have till late spring to change their ways or else.

The bitch speaks.......

Super bitch/tart Rielle Hunter  aka ex mistress of disgraced  politician John Edwards. Has a tell all book out..... Boy does it tell all........... I don't think she gets what damage  this book will do . But of course she doesn't care. Well this will really upset the karma Gods. She needs to watch her back. PS She claims they are still a couple...... If they are, which I doubt. It'll be ended by July 4th.