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Showing posts from July 17, 2017

DICKHEAD, of course

LuAnn de Lesseps & Tom "CHEATING HUSBAND" Agostino Jr. DIVORCE by Xmas

You were DRUNK, you silly little SHIT

Aaron Carter. Is all upset,  that he was arrested for DUI. Over the weekend. As usual this bitch/brat.. Is blaming the police, WHY? He says...........  "They arrested me because I'm Famous". NO, they arrested you because,  you are an ARSEHOLE . ps Keep blaming the cops,  will get you a jail sentence..

Not "CAMP" enough.....

Disney in their wisdom. Have cast Will Smith,  as the Genie in "Aladdin". They think he can replace,  the late Robin Williams. NOT..... They would have done better hiring, a "Voice Artist" To mimic Robin. Will flop.......