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Showing posts from May 25, 2020

My old man....

Dominic Cummings, you silly man. Time to get your moving van. If you think you'll get away with is. You really are an arrogant prick!.


Tripster Dominic Cummings looks like a member. Of the UK reality show. Benefits Street. Who just won a holiday to Costa Del Dick..

Royal Storks approaching ??

Before we see the end of this year. Two Royal Storks, will be announced my Dear. Only one will find it's home...                           Malibu?   OR  Kensington? Only one will find it's nest...        Now you ask which one will it be???                 Should I tell?    Or    Should I not?             Here's a game I will play.             Let's see if you can see??                      What I see this very day.

Please don't forget.....