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Showing posts from February 25, 2010

Maybe a kiss or two and more.

As Mr “Mega Busy” Ryan Seacrest,
Becomes even more successful.
I feel that this is the year that he meets the “One”
Good for him he deserves everything he has earned,
Along with every happiness.
Watch for an Emmy in 2012/3.

This time it's for good, Robbie

The sometimes troubled rebel, Pop Star Robbie Williams. Is at last back on the right track. Watch out for his new album, dropping soon. It’ll put him back on top, this time for good. In 2012 he'll get the chance to appear in a very special show be on British TV he should take it. It'll bring him alot of success... He'll be good.........

Ding,Dong, maybe, maybe not.

So Mr Simon “Nasty” Cowell is to be married…..
Well let’s not hold our breath though ………..
We’ve been down this road before.
Watch as his behaviour gets worse.
By 2012 he'll be completely out of control