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Reading Special

Special Offer Readings Labor Day Sept 4th 2017 August 04, 2017 Until Midnight (PST) Labor Day... Sept 4th 2017. All email readings will be half price. As requested & to celebrate the end of Summer. Email Readings  Normal Price                   Special Offer 1   Question     $20  USD           $ 10 USD
3   Questions   $50  USD           $  25 USD
6   Questions   $80  USD           $  40 USD
8   Questions   $100 USD          $  50 USD 10 Questions   $120 USD          $  60 USD
(recent picture required)
Send pic & questions to
Payable in advance by Paypal.
Send payment to
At they walk you through the process.
Readings take approx 72 hours
(Sunday Day OFF)

Bonus Meme of the Day #2

BF BONUS Meme of the Day

BF Meme of the Day

Little dick issues........

As Babyfarts poll numbers. Fall to a HUGE LOW..................... (Lower than any other president at this point) He's on Twitter again, going Hell for Leather. At Kim Jon Un..... As matters get worse for Trump. He'll get even more bizarre ..... Let's pray................. The Generals,  have changed the password to the nukes. So Babyfart can't press that "Button".  He's dying to push.