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Showing posts from July 3, 2017

Well Done Gang #1 on Google

TOLD YA. Maybe the French read the blog, then...

Hound Dog ?

Priscilla Presley & Sir Tom Jones, dating. Why not? But, it won't reach the altar. She's tooo whacky. He's too set in his ways. Plus he's not worth enough,  to support her. Mind you I bet he's got the,  "Brothel Creepers", in blue.

Told ya, The TIDES a turning ha ha

Wipeout ...
April 02, 2015

So in an attempt for him to expand even more his "Empire". Jay Z and a bunch of cohorts. Have launched a music streaming service. Called " Tidal ". (Sounds more like a laundry detergent to me) Well, this is one business move,  that will backfire big time. He's getting way too grand. He needs to remember where he came from. Or this thug will loose his ticket,  to his posh destination.