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Showing posts from May 23, 2020

Machine Gun Kelly.. at risk.

I had never really heard of actor/musician. Machine Gun Kelly. Until the other day. When I did a post on Meghan Fox. Then I sensed that he is in great danger... WHY??? Same Old Same Old. DRUGS... If he doesn't curb this behaviour. He won't reach 33yrs of age...

TOLD YA Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein. UPDATE

Doc to expose Andy Dear Randy Andy NOT BUYING IT... August 20, 2019 As HRH Prince Andrew,  is feigning shock. At the sex abuse claims of his  "Friend"........ Jeffrey Epstein... Saying he knows nothing!!!. Doesn't he remember the cameraperson Whilst he was splashing,  about with the blonde! No?................. Maybe it was the  "Devils Dandruff" That erased his memories,  but never mind. There's always the videos, oh well...

Rub A Dub.....

Oh My rapper Drake tells .... Kylie, Kendall, Gigi.

Drake slept with Kylie... He also slept with Kendall & Gigi... So sad that in Hollywood. When one tells the truth. It gets you into big trouble. (I could have told him that) Ha Ha. Maybe I should rap !?!?!?!.. Anyway Drake, correctly described Kylie Jenner. As a "Sidepiece". My translation slut. Seems, she's a bit upset. But, it is in a rap song. Thought it was a part of rapping. He also said similar things about part of her "Crew" Kendall Jenner & Gigi Haddid. So I thought that I'd clear this up for you.. They are all "Yacht Girls" In the 1980/90s They were called "Party Girls". Think paid to play. Think $30.000 a night +. In a word. "HOOKERS"