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Read my LIPS........

If you happen to be one of those,  "Lucky People". That happen to be going to attend. "The Justin Bieber Purpose World Tour". MAY I SUGGEST THAT YOU TAKE WITH YOU SPY GLASSES. WHY?????? Well, you will want to see what he's singing. Seems he's a fan of Lip-Syn Battle..... 
ps He'll cancel it half way through.....

4 and counting, he he he he he ....
I will be on the following radio show. Easter Sunday Midnight UK time,  till Easter Monday 1am..... "The Unexplained" 
with Howard Hughes, in the UK.
I have promised to try and behave myself,
 ha ha..............
Hope you enjoy it.....

Off the Hudson......

This week Brad Pitt,  is supposed to be dating Sienna Miller. Thankfully it's a short week,  being Passover & Easter. So that's good news. If you happen to believe. That "They" are dating. Remember the Easter Bunny comes on Sunday.

For those that choose not to "SEE"

For those that believe,  Babyfarts' recent "Bombing Show". On Syria... Was a a way of "Standing" up to Putin. You are o way of course. It was completely the opposite. It was a deal between the two. To make most of us look one way. Well, some didn't....................... Some of us see through the "Smoke & Mirrors". For those of you who still choose, to hold on to your "White" sticks. Don't say you weren't warned.

Few days left........

March 24, 2017 How would like an A-Lister Psychic Reading
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So here’s the deal.
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Send a donation of $10 USD.
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“A fun way to help those who are needy at Easter”.