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Told Ya.... He's getting away with it........

Monday, May 16, 2011
Au Revoir, not quite........ The 62 year old head 
of the IMF. Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Was dragged of a flight  at John Kennedy airport. Seconds before it was  due to depart. He's been charged with  sexually attacking. The 32 year old maid  who was assigned  to his room. At the hotel where was staying. Now watch how all the other women,  he's done the same to, begin to appear. This is going to get very nasty, very quickly. (But I have a feeling he'll get away with it. 
No doubt by saying that the victim,
is lying or just after the money. 
But later on he'll trip and fall. 
Then he'll be finished.) Not to mention the trouble it is going to cause  the French government. About time he was toppled. By the way he's married. He's on his third wife. Not for long........... 2012 is another story. Posted by Psychic Gossip at 12:01 AM 

Told YA.......Glenn Beck Bye Bye...........

Saturday, August 28, 2010 Civil Rights......Bollocks......... So Glenn Beck Fox talking head. Who is a little right of Genghis Khan. Is going to hold a rally. On the very spot where Dr Martin Luther King, held his "I have a dream speech" Beck is doing this on the anniversary of Dr Kings speech. Beck say he is doing this to reclaim the civil rights movement. Which  civil rights does a rich, middle aged straight, Moron,  sorry Mormon, white man. Have to reclaim????????? He's had every right known to man, since birth. This is just another right wing stunt. When this all goes arse upwards. I wonder who, Beck will blame? Not himself........ That's for sure. Well this is the first of many nails, in his TV show coffin. He'll be gone within a year. Posted by Psychic Gossip at 12:13 AM