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Told Ya This isn't funny anymore......
Thursday, April 12, 2012 Not going to end well. ATTENTION HOLLYWOOD Someone in charge needs to step in and help Amanda Bynes before it's too late. Otherwise 2013 won't happen for her. Posted by Christian Dion at

Told Ya War approaches.......
Predictions for 2012 (Completed 21st Dec 2011) 29. LIBYA The problems there are far from over, in fact 2012 brings a turn for the worse.

30. SYRIA Until someone in the West takes note of what is going on. The killings will just get worse. The mad men in charge have no souls. So they will need to be taught a very tough lesson.

No surprise to me......

Yeah don't say....... Lindsay Lohan's  recent good behaviour at work. Has come to an end. She is supposed to be working on  Scary Movie 5. But she has missed meetings. Missed wardrobe fittings. She claims no to be well. But it's bullshit. She is burning the few bridges  that she had left. More to come.