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TOLD YA.. To the MONTH... TICKY TOCKY little cocky........... May 23, 2017 So as the PR trip to Europe continues. For the Trumps. Things are of course not as they seem. We all know that "Babyfart" is a monster. That he hates Women and all that they represent. But he's about to get an elbow in his side. Mrs Trump, doesn't wish to remain so. She's already got the best lawyers, lined up for her exit. She thought it would have been, over and done with by now. But "FATE" reared it's Big Head ........ Never mind, she's on a bonus. But she's running out of patience. So I feel she'll be gone. Sooner, than later...... Keep watching......... Plus she needs to watch her health this time next year.. Or Else.....

TOLD YA The blue touch paper has been lit... BF Meme for Monday in Israel... May 13, 2018


He doesn't even know its the  AMERICAN EMBASSY....