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Showing posts from March 6, 2020

If? you were wondering.... Golden Ball?

Ever wondered where this Magic Globe went? I have the answer........... Seems, just like VP Pence. Babyfart had it put in a "Closet". In the American Embassy in Riyadh SA. It was on display in the Embassy. But was getting too much attention. So Trump had it put away. Let's hope it's batteries run out soon.

Friday Thought...

3rd Time a charm...

Well, seems I hit a nerve..
This AG person...
Is almost gone.
She too, sees the end.
Her Dark Magic is loosing power.
So lets give it one last push.
Let the light shine on KR.
To completely open his eyes.
Also his inner eye.
To see AG, for what she is.
Not just a user/gold digger.
But also a criminal...
Maybe never caught.
But, allow, KR to see just what.
She has been up to.
Let alone the "Stories" leaked??
The leaker has the initials.

Prayer Circle for protection...
June 12, 2019

Well, seems I hit a nerve..The other day I did a post about.Keanu Reeves.....It was in regard to one Alexandra Grant.An alleged artist of sorts.I mentioned in the post that Keanu.Needs to get rid of her pronto.She has the darkest Aura.
That I have ever seen.Trust me I have seen lots.She is a Dark Witch/bitch.A money grabbing, fame whore.Manipulating scumbag.So, I got a lot of questions, 
from Keanu fans.From around the World.Well, to help save Keanu from this evil.I am starting a Prayer circle.To protect …

TOLD YA... Ot, but who knew ?? HA HA... HYPOCRITE..........
January 09, 2014 This is hypocrite Rep Aaron Schock. He has been very nasty to the LGBTQ community. Plus voting against equal rights. While all the time trolling,  Gay clubs & Gay sex sites. Well he's about to feel what it's like to be judged. Such self hatred, I hope he learns his lesson. But I doubt it.