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TOLD YA, Now Trump Child sex abuse..
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 Many more to come ... AS the Religious "Nutters" like to say.... "From the mouths of Babes" (Not the ones Trumps used to ha ha)

Another clue as requested ha ha So as " Donald ""Babyfart"" Trump ". Continues to completely deny that the woman. Who have come forward to expose him as the sex offender he is. Well, there's more to come, many more. But trust me that's not the worst of his sex abuse issues. Just wait till the "Others" come forward. Then you'll understand the reason he choose Arnold Schwarzengger. To replace him on The Celebrity Apprentice.

Another "Little" clue ... Ha Ha

Be out of the house on Dec 7th...

This years annual shit show,  NBC's "Live" show special. Is going to be "Bye Bye Birdie". JLo, will play Rosie. The role made famous on Broadway, by Chita Rivera, in 1960. Well, sadly JLo,  won't be the success, that Ms Rivera was. Even the public will reject this one. Well, what about the ratings I hear you say????? Ha ha ha ha ha .......

Told YA Took a while, but

Tuesday, December 24, 20132014 PREDICTIONS.
CHRISTIAN DION The Seer's 2014 Predictions  Were written while staying  by  Cayuga Lake  Upstate New York,  just down the road from the entrance to  The Twilight Zone. (Completed Dec 19th 2013)
34 President Obama
He's going to get his MoJo back and surprise everyone.
Security however needs to be tightened.