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Showing posts from August 3, 2016

Dyslexic ?

You may have heard that Zac Efron,  is having trouble finding dates. He went on 'Tinder" the dating site,  were if you like the person you swipe right. If not left. Well, no one swiped right. Err.... Perhaps he got the spelling wrong. He should try 'Grinder" ... Nothing but right swipes on there for him.

Broke? Me .....

As we all know 50c is having money woes. Butt, it seems he didn't get the memo. Here he is leaving "Ace of Diamonds". A so called High class strip joint. He spent hours throwing around cash. (Tax deductible, I wonder). They aren't dollar bills either. Can't wait to see what the judge thinks of this pic. More TROUBLES......