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Showing posts from June 7, 2010

Another not normal posting......

So in the US the media is blaming President Obama.
For the Oil spill.
Now last time I looked The Pres, doesn't own the oil rigs.
In this case BP does.
Just like all the other Oil owners,
they didn't & don't have a plan,
in place to put into action.
When such problems arise.
Now that is the fault of the government.
But not this one.
It's the one that signed off on the contract.
To let them drill.
I think that the oil rigs owners,
should be made to put a real plan together.
So that that will never happen again.
Before they are allowed to drill anymore.
We have to remember as does the media.
that it is the Oil Rig Owners that are making the BILLIONS.
Time to make them pay, even if it means shaming them into doing so.
That is the media's job............