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Told YA.Ben did cheat......., June 2, 2011 Anderson, always do as your Mum says......

Style Icon & Designer        Gloria VanderBilt (87).        Is encouraging her son,      CNN anchor 
Anderson Cooper..
(will come out in 2012) 
to marry, his boyfriend, 

         Ben Masini.
(He Will,as long as Ben doesn't cheat.). She told them that they.

Told Ya Robbie's back.....

Thursday, February 25, 2010 This time it's for good, Robbie The sometimes troubled rebel, Pop Star Robbie Williams. Is at last back on the right track. Watch out for his new album, dropping soon. It’ll put him back on top, this time for good. In 2012 he'll get the chance to appear in a very special show be on British TV he should take it. It'll bring him alot of success... He'll be good......... Posted by Christian Dion at

Get your tickets NOW........

Paul Baker will reprise his role in  Boy George's  "TABOO". At  The Brixton Club House  from  Sept 6th to Dec 23rd 2012. It will be amazing. You heard it here first.........