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Told Ya....Palin on " Coke"

Friday, March 5, 2010
Woman just sit down So Sarah Palin her of teabags fame. Amongst other things. Is considering Stand up comedy ! You just can’t make this up. But by the end of the year she’ll be sitting down, Then in 2011/12 she'll kinda make a bid to run for President..... But won't . So then she'll have to sit down for good. Plus when the book about her using coke comes out....... BYE BYE Palin.

TOLD YA.......Paul McCartney to wed..........

Saturday, May 7, 2011
Ding dong,......... Sir Paul McCartney 
has asked his girlfriend 
of four years.
Nancy Shevell......
to marry him.......
Well done Sir Paul.
It's a great match.
I would love to 
have seen,
the look on 
hop a long Mills's face 
when she found out. 

Miss Quick..............

So JLo aka Jennifer Lopez. Certainly doesn't let the grass grow beneath her feet. Out already on a date with Bradley Cooper. More fool him, if he get's involved with her. However I get the feeling that there will be many more, suitors for Jenny from the Block. Which she personally has been around more than a few times. I get the feeling she'll leave AI in 2012.