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Elon Musk SpaceX NASA Prediction UPDATE.

Many have asked me to clarify. This prediction. So I looked at the Astronauts. They and their Spaceship. WILL RETURN TO EARTH SAFELY... THE PROBLEM LIES WITH THE LAUNCH ROCKETS... Elon Musk & NASA I beg you please look at your Rockets. May 31, 2020 I am not making this a TOLD YA. More hopefully a plea. For Elon Musk & NASA. Many have asked. About my prediction. Of the SpaceX/NASA launch. Original Prediction... On Tuesday May 26th. I looked at this picture of Elon Musk. In my Psychic Mind. I saw a rocket explode. Then heard next launch.   So I the human. Took this to mean this launch. Little did we know then Elon Musk. Had a test of a different rocket planned. Before the known launch. As we know now. Sadly. That Rocket exploded. I still feel the following that was posted in the second prediction. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH TECHNOLOGY/ELECTRONICS OF THIS PROJECT... Second Prediction... Elon please look into this.

The following is NOT A PREDICTION.

Dear Evangelicals. Both these monsters held up, the Holy Book. UPSIDE DOWN. This is the sign of being in league. With the monster above.



TRUMP deploys TROOPS. Donald Trump wants this next... June 01, 2020              Trump version.   He means  MARTIAL LAW