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Like Minds....

TOLD YA Rudd Off !!!!!

January 03, 2018   Christian Dions’ 2018 PREDICTIONS. Composed between November 14th 2017  8.41am               (Partly on a plane not my favorite place ha ha)                Finished December 14th 11.59pm. Los Angeles Ca
6 The Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP.  She seems to think that she’ll be the next PM.. Err... Not unless she joins the Labour Party.

September Special..

September Special September 01, 2019 September Special Email Reading
3 Questions Normally   $50 USD         For the whole of September. 3 Questions September  $25 USD.
(recent picture required) Send pic & questions to Payable in advance by Paypal. Send payment to At they walk you through the process. Readings take aprox 7 days