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Told Ya Lindsay to lawyer FIRED..not FIRED Sunday, January 6, 2013 Will she ever learn....NO So with less than two weeks to go,  to her court appointment due to her  probation violation. Lindsay Lohan, thinks it's a good idea  to be out on the town in London. Here's a picture of her leaving,  a fancy nightclub at 5am. Now remember she claims to be broke. Yet visits London. stays in top hotel, etc, etc. Maybe she senses she's going to  "clinky"  and this is her last fling. Posted by at Sunday, January 06, 2013

The UnWanted........

Well,well, Max George of "The Wanted"  took his "Girlfriend" Lindsay Lohan, to meet his parents in  Manchester England, recently. I can only imagine what his family must have thought of this Diva Mess. The good news is the visit will have put the end to the relationship. 2014 brings bad news for fans..