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It's ALL PR, people...

Megyn Kelly along with Hubby & family.
Are on holiday.....
Camping, (excuse the pun).
This is just PR..
Why, Well. she's a diva of the first degree.
She believes that she is the greatest thing in journalism.
She isn't..
She just a "TALKING HEAD".
Which is getting bigger and bigger everyday.
She'll be very lucky if she keeps her job till Xmas....

BABYFART time to turnaround....

BF Meme of the Day

A Very Dangerous Crossroads..

As "Funny & Sick" as all this Babyfart crap is.
His latest round of "Penis Envy". 
Is about to cause Worldwide troubles.
No I am not saying he'll "NUKE" Kimmy.
But, he is going to start something that he can't stop. 
He is MENTAL.......
He simply has never been told no in his life.
To which you end up with this spoilt brat.
Who beleives everyone else is wrong.
So by default he's right.
Well, in New York real estate, that may be true.
But in the "REAL WORLD".
Not so....
Babyfart, doesn't understand that Kimmy.
Has nothing at all to loose.
But, with this spat, he has everything to gain.
Let's just hope, that one grown up in the Whitehouse.
Is alive and awake...
I sadly, am beginning to think not.....