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SHARON !!!!!!!!!!

It appears that Kelly Osbourne. Is a "BabyFart" supporter. I see a spanking ahead for her bum. Mind you Sharon should cut off the money flow. That would soon sort her out. Anyone would think that she works for a living, for God's sake......... 2017 Sharon, SPLIT AGAIN.....


I am almost speechless, which trust me is very rare. Below is a comment post. That I had to make more public. as it goes to show the total con that Babyfart . Has pulled on America & the World. If you think Trump is pro Life you must live in a tree in deepest darkest jungle of no information. His "Ladies" have had way more abortions than children I assure you. Some of them survived and work for him You're delusional if you think Trump is evil. Because he's pro-life? Seems to me that pro-abortion would be more evil. Because he's a womanizer? Yet, Bill Clinton RAPES college coeds, take sexual advantage of interns and secretaries for decades, has proven affairs, uses the Arkansas state police as his own personal pimp squad, quite possibly was responsible for the deaths of dozens of human beings during his presidency (Vince Foster, anyone?) WITH the help of his wife, Hillary. But TRUMP is evil? Grow up, drama queen. If you think Trump is anywhere NEAR th