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Told Ya 2012 Lady Gaga rules............
Tuesday, March 1, 2011 Warning to Born again's & the Right Wing Lady Gaga's  new video  for her latest song "Born This Way"..... Is creating a fuss.... What else would you  expect from her. It is a little disturbing.... Very thought provoking. Amazing.... I don't think some how  it will make the Vatican's top ten. Nor will the album she releases in 2012.
Or the 2012 tour of the same name. A Global best seller. Breaking all kind of records. Posted by at Tuesday, March 01, 2011

At last he's growing a pair...

Kris Humphries soon to be  Ex Mr Kim Kardashian. Is demanding that the divorce trial be televised. So he can prove to the World. That Kim Kardashian married him for ratings. Fabulous, using her own weapons against her... Going to be fun.