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TOLD YA.. Gonzo liar in Chief .... July 21, 2017 This is,  Anthony Scaramucci..... Babyfarts, new press person aka  "LIAR in Chief". Well,  he might be laughing now. But he won't be by,  New Years.....

Just like his "Wifes" grandmother.... Keep it in the family

Told Ya.. Thankfully they got them this time Tad Earlier than stated 2016 Predictions December 31, 2015
Christian Dions’ Psychic Predictions 2016 (Composed in Hermosa Beach CA USA). (Completed Dec 29th 2pm PT)  As many of you know for the past few years. 
I have done Predictions for the year ahead. Some Funny. Some Not. Some Serious. Some Crazy. Some Sad. Some Fluff. Well, this year things are little different. As we know 2015 was a little rough,  to say the least. So in light of that. There is no way. With a clear mind/Spirit. That I can do that this year. As the things that I have been seeing. Are too….. AWFUL. To be able to do the normal. So what follows. Is more like a letter to 2016,as well as to the people of this Planet. To tell, what I see. To hope that someone,  somewhere will take. Perhaps just a little notice. So that maybe. Along with prayer, & good thoughts. “WE”, can change what, is ready to blossom. In the y…

BF Meme of the Day..

Mornings will never be the same in the UK ...

Geri Horner aka "Ginger Spice".
Has landed a new gig as a presenter.
On ITV "This Morning".
The UK foremost breakfast show.
I can't wait, she's going to shake that place up.
Trust me it needs it...