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Showing posts from November 13, 2016

Told Ya, But who's the Horse & who's the Carriage ?? Saturday, July 16, 2016 Horse & Carriage .... So after a lot of thinking. Donald "Babyfart" Trump. Has chosen his running mate for VP. The Gov of Indiana  Mike Pence. I personally don't believe it took much thought. As I get the feeling the Mike Pence was the first,  as well as the only one to say yes. Just wait till the Hilary team get to work on him. They must be tugging at the leash.... Oh, I hope Babyfart doesn't think,  this will help him win, he he....

Peas in a Pod, or Illuminati ?

Similar or is it just me........ They are both from very Privileged background. Neither of them have never,  really worked for a living. I.E As in digging coal. Or, Teaching kids........ Or, caring for the poorer of the Country/World. However, both eat off silver platters. Or Gold on as in BabyFarts case. I see this two being "Buddies" But both have dark events ahead.