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Showing posts from July 6, 2012

Another Royal Engagement......

Andrea Casraghi 2nd in line to the  Throne of Monaco. Has become engaged to his longtime girlfriend. Both met while at an American University. Won't work, won't last. Oh well.........

TOLD YA KRIS BABY DADDY......, January 16, 2012
Another reality show this week...... Kaela Humphries big sister to  Kris (ex Mr Kim Kardashian) Humphries. Is to star in a reality show called "Remodelled". Which is all about the World of Modeling  from a big girls point of view. Nothing wrong in that. Especially as it will piss off the  Kardashians for sure. But it's a flop......... She should watch out for her brother. By telling him not to date tarts anymore.  Or he might just end up being  " Baby's Daddy " Posted by Christian Dion at