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Showing posts from June 29, 2016

Get ready for the BIG ONE ..

So it seems according to the rumor mill. That the wedding plans for,  Liam Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus. Are going well... Isn't that just delightful. Well, if they get to the Altar.. It won't see the 2nd Anniversary. Just think if the listened to me. All the money he would save..... Let alone the drama.....

Not so sweet a perfume..

Coming to your TV soon... "The Amber Rose Show",  a late night talkshow thing. I'm not sure what she is really famous for,  but sleeping around seems to be the main one. So how appropriate,  that she wants her show to be  "Oprah, with sex toys". As this show is being produced by the Dr Phil people, I think it is disrespectful, to Oprah. Anyway, it's going to flop. Bad choice VH1.