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Told Ya..CA Equal Rights..........

A federal appeals court has declared California's Proposition 8 unconstitutional - NBC NewsTuesday, June 8, 2010 Sir Elton........Not Sir Nice..... Over the weekend.
Sir Elton John.
Played at Rush LImbaugh's wedding.( for those of you outside the USA,  Limbaugh is a right wing nut job,  convicted drug addict, hypocrite)
I have a problem with two matters here.
1. It was Rush Limbaugh's 4th marriage.
So much for the sanctity of marriage.
As Limbaugh goes on and on, about keeping marriage pure.
He doesn't want to let everyone, have equal rights in marriage. But 2012 will prove to be good for CA equal rights.
Here he is getting married for the 4th time,  and not the last.
2. Sir Elton,  did you really need a million dollars, so badly that you played at this bigots wedding.
Even if you give the money to your foundation,  it's still not right. I say " Sell OUT " But 2012 will prove to be good for CA equal rights,
Posted by at Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Told Ya....2012 Olympics.........

Organisers defend awarding contract to print tickets for London 2012 Olympics to a US company - @ITNThe Futurist’s
Predictions for 2012
(Completed 21 st Dec 2011)

1.   2012 OLYMPICS. Although the opening and closing shows will be fabulous.The rest of the Olympics will be a mess. Due to bad organizing, mainly due to bad leadership.It will prove to be a financial disaster. Not to mention the trouble that will surround the games itself.

Gaga goes social..........

Lady Gaga is in the process of launching  her own social website. It's going to be massive............ As well as fabulous.............