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Hump Day Meme ...

TOLD YA Granted it took a while... Many bumps ahead... August 04 2014

MATT LAUERis in for a difficult few months. Both professional and privately. He's not going to like the changes ahead at work. Plus he's really, not going to like the changes at home. I can't see his marriage surviving much longer. Then there's the wife's emotional problems...

All she’s getting for Xmas is....

Babyfarts’” press person one Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Seem to be tempting the Karma Gods.... It looks like she’s really doesn’t give a shit about the “Truth”. In fat, a long as POTUS, pays her salary. She’ll say anything. Don’t think you’ve seen her at her lowest.....  you haven’t. Mind out, it Santa doesn’t bring her. her “Pink Slip”.Spring/Summer will

Wednesday BF Meme of the Day

At this rate won’t see New Years Eve..

Jeremy Clarkson he of the hit BBC show “Top Gear”. Has been told by is Dr to stop drinking. His reply “NO”. well, in that case this looks like the last Xmas he’ll be seeing. I always knew he was a pig. He now is proving me right to the whole World.