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TOLD YA Yet another UK famous sex abuser.....a La Jimmy Saville Christian Dion  The Seer’s  2013 Predictions (Completed Dec 19th 2012) 45         Jimmy Savillesex case, well if you think it’s been bad so far, just wait as we go through 2013 month by month more and more Celebrities will be dragged into it, you will be really shocked at some of the names, great fodder for the tabloids.

No surprise......

Looks like tough times ahead for  "Octomom"  aka Nadia Suleman. the powers that be are looking  into her financial records. Regarding taxes and welfare etc etc. Oh, there's alot more to this than meets the eye. About time she was hung out to dry. So hopefully, they will take away the kids and place them in a much better home.