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Showing posts from February, 2010

Same tired old stuff.....

So Jay Leno is about to go back to his old time slot.
With the same old recycled stuff.
If he thinks that this is going to work.
He is going to be sadly disappointed.
But, maybe he won't.
As it’s been about the money all the time.
Gone by the end of 2014.

Old Lady walking.

I recently spotted “Posh Spice"
aka Mrs Beckham,
At Century City Mall, Los Angeles.
Hunched over and shuffling along.
Looking for all the World,
like an eighty year old woman.
So be it a beautifully dressed one.
Fatten her up with,
a double helping of Fish & Chips
and mushy peas.

Tiz only an opinion...

Sir Elton John believes that Jesus was an intelligent gay man,
Maybe he was. Maybe he wasn’t
After all millions believe Jesus walked on water.
Maybe he did. Maybe he didn’t.
Remember “Free Speech” is for everyone.
This is only going to get more and more interesting.
Elton needs to watch his health in 2012.
He also needs to watch personal matters in 2015/16.
NOT GOOD ......

Maybe a kiss or two and more.

As Mr “Mega Busy” Ryan Seacrest,
Becomes even more successful.
I feel that this is the year that he meets the “One”
Good for him he deserves everything he has earned,
Along with every happiness.
Watch for an Emmy in 2012/3.

This time it's for good, Robbie

The sometimes troubled rebel, Pop Star Robbie Williams. Is at last back on the right track. Watch out for his new album, dropping soon. It’ll put him back on top, this time for good. In 2012 he'll get the chance to appear in a very special show be on British TV he should take it. It'll bring him alot of success... He'll be good.........

Ding,Dong, maybe, maybe not.

So Mr Simon “Nasty” Cowell is to be married…..
Well let’s not hold our breath though ………..
We’ve been down this road before.
Watch as his behaviour gets worse.
By 2012 he'll be completely out of control

The Price get's Bigger

Now Drew Carey is well and truly settled in his role as host of “The Price Is Right” Bringing a whole new lease of life to the show. Watch as even bigger and better changes bring even bigger ratings. Which is more than can be said for his lovelife in early 2012.

What a Pratt !

If you think Heidi Montag has gone too far,
don’t hold your breath she’s about to get even more crazy.
The sad part of this is that, her husband Spencer Pratt,
is behind the whole thing.
Regardless of what comes out of his mouth.

Sugar Daddy

If Naomi Campbell thinks that playing “House” in Moscow
With her billionaire Russian Sugar Daddy,
will lead to something permanent.
Then she truly is DELUDED !!
Wakey wakey Missy…..

Lost Wages

So Katie Price aka “Jordan”
Went to Las Vegas and married a Drag Queen.
Who in his spare time is a “Cage Fighter” .
Do you really need me to tell predict “TRAIN WRECK” .
Can’t wait till the divorce starts………
Going to be a good year.

God help the Aussie's...

So UK "celebrity" Kelly Brook is moving down under,
with her rugby hunk Danny Cipriani!
She thinks she'll travel to & fro to work Ha ha....
Well not only will she not get work either end.
But the relationship won't work either.
Well the Brits will get some peace for a while.

Tiger's 'Show and tell ............

Well what a pile of crap we were treated to today.......
Badly written, badly spoken, totally without emotion.

This is going to turn into an even bigger problem for him.
No way is his wife going to stay, she's just waiting for the best time to cause the greatest impact.
Trust me she's really going to have the last laugh complete with a fabulous paycheck.

Good for her.
Hi this is the place where I will tell you what the rich, famous & infamous are really well as what they will be up to...........stay tuned..........